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High-Rise Senior Living
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    Staying Healthy with Active Senior Living at Ventana by Buckner

    As you age, it’s more important than ever to take an active role in keeping your body healthy. Ask yourself, what am I doing to take care of myself? While the pressures around staying active as you age can be stressful, failure to do so could lead to detrimental effects down the line, such as injury and disease. Your overall wellness should be top of mind for high quality of life.

    Creating a wellness plan and regimen is a challenge in and of itself, as well as finding the resources associated with it. But as you are considering your options for the future, you’ll find there are retirement communities dedicated to your health and wellness, providing the resources you need to feel your best.

    Ventana by Buckner, now officially open, is a Life Plan Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offering premier senior living in Dallas. Members are moving into their luxury independent living apartments, with the assurance of a complete continuum of healthcare ranging from Assisted Living, Memory Care Services, Skilled Nursing to Rehabilitation. Ventana’s  active senior living community offers fitness and wellness programs that specifically embody our comprehensive approach to healthcare, encouraging Members to take an active role in their own well-being.

    Find out if living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is the right move for you and your family by learning about the benefits below.

    Benefits of Living at a CCRC

    Making the decision to either stay in your home or join a CCRC is a personal one that is dependent on your family and your priorities. So in order to make the right choice, you’ll need to be as informed as possible about what a CCRC has to offer.

    While aging in place was once preferred, the recent Age Well Study states 69% of residents reported that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness.

    In addition to this finding, the Age Well Study also reports that Life Plan Community residents tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness than those living in traditional retirement communities. Residents also report significantly more healthy behaviors than community dwellers (not just more exercise).

    Not all senior living communities are made equal. But luxury-living CCRCs, like Ventana, offer a full range of amenities, services and care options for their members. Other benefits to joining a life care community include:

    • Luxury Amenities: You don’t have to sacrifice the lifestyle you’re used to. Many communities offer high end amenities, top of the line appliances, and a comfortable atmosphere you can feel at home in.
    • Convenience: From exercise and fitness, to dining options, to recreational activities, everything you need (and much more) is at your fingertips.
    • Community: Aging in place can be lonely, and it can ultimately end up affecting your health. Creating friendships and feeling a strong sense of community can help make your life more fulfilled and enjoyable.
    • Healthcare: You don’t have to worry about being too far from a doctor or hospital while living in a CCRC. You’ll be able to choose which healthcare program is right for you, right at home.

    And with Ventana’s close proximity to the Park Cities and downtown areas, you’ll be able to take advantage of the culinary, retail and cultural resources of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Complimentary local transportation and regular outings are offered to destinations such as Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden, Dallas Symphony, White Rock Lake, North Park Center and the city’s finest dining and entertainment venues. If you prefer to drive yourself, utilize the valet service and reserved underground parking from Ventana.

    Life Plans at Ventana

    In addition to independent living, Ventana has life plan options designed to help you live your life to the fullest, with varying levels of care and assistance based on your preferences and needs. There are two care centers, Assisted Living and the Health Center. Both of these centers are set in a welcoming environment where you can feel at home.

    When entering a CCRC such as Ventana, you have the freedom to live the lifestyle you desire with the added bonus of convenience and community. You won’t have to give up the pleasures you enjoy every day. You get to choose how to spend your days, who you spend your time with, what you have to eat – the possibilities are endless. And should you reach a point when you need assistance with your day to day life, it’s available right within your home.

    Assisted Living: The Arbors at Ventana has trained professionals and skilled nursing care to provide individualized assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, monitoring medications and other activities of daily living. Staffed on a 24-hour basis, The Arbors features a choice of private one- and two-bedroom suites, which Members can furnish as they wish.

    Memory Care: The furnished rooms in Garden View at Ventana are designed for those with mild-to-moderate dementia, such as Alzheimer’s or similar conditions. The goal of our specially trained staff is to minimize stress for Members and to help them maintain their independence and individuality for as long as possible. 

    Skilled Nursing: At The Glen at Ventana, registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses, with the help of trained caregivers, provide long-term skilled nursing care on a 24-hour basis. Our team works directly with you, your family, and physicians to develop individual, personalized care plans, all in the comfort of a private room.

    Rehabilitation: Ascend Rehabilitation at Ventana is an appropriate setting for individuals who are recovering from surgery or illness, require concentrated rehabilitation or need short-term care. Our restorative approach reinforces the appropriate healing and rehabilitation process and promotes independence. Ascend features private, furnished rooms.

    Outpatient Services: An array of services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy will be available to Ventana Members through outpatient services. These services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, but are often covered by a Member’s personal medical insurance plan when prescribed by a physician.

    Wellness at Ventana – Importance of Staying Fit As You Get Older

    According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, as you age, muscle and bone mass decrease in the body and may develop problems in your muscles, joints, and bones, such as back pain, osteoarthritis, or osteoporosis. But with regular exercise, the loss of muscle mass slows down. Exercise also strengthens bones, and reduces joint and muscle pain. In addition, mobility and balance are improved, which reduces the risk of falling and suffering a serious injury, such as a hip fracture.

    So what types of fitness and wellness programs are offered? A shorter answer would be – what programs are not offered? Ventana puts your wellness first, and ensures that you have the resources available to stay healthy, and have a fun time doing it. These programs were designed to complement and empower your lifestyle.

    • Fully-equipped fitness center
    • Periodic health screenings
    • Fitness instruction and exercise classes
    • Health and wellness lectures
    • Emergency response system

    Joining a CCRC may fit in with your future plans and allow you to live the happy, healthy, fulfilled life that you deserve. Ventana by Buckner’s luxury senior living officially opened on August 19, 2019. To find out more about how you can choose this active lifestyle for your overall well-being, visit our website. 

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    5 Benefits of Living in a Luxury CCRC

    There is a misconception that growing older must mean giving up on things that mean the most to you. Ventana by Buckner believes that these years of your life should be spent living comfortably, spending time doing what you love the most. So instead of letting go, you’ll be gaininggaining more freedom, convenience, and comfort. 

    As a full-service Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) serving Dallas/Fort Worth, Ventana offers a premier senior lifestyle in Dallas and encourages Members to take an active role in planning for the rest of their lives. Members fall in love with their luxury independent living apartments, and join an array of Life Care and wellness programs designed to complement and empower their lifestyle.

    As you start planning for your future, consider how a senior independent living community like Ventana could enhance your quality of life and give you the opportunity to participate in a fulfilling, upscale environment. 

    1. Sense of Community

    As seniors grow older, it can become more difficult to get out and about. Some people stop driving, or do not have the desire to go out as much as before. This can put seniors at risk for social isolation and increased feelings of loneliness. 

    These feelings can even lead to serious health risks. According to the National Institute for Aging, social isolation and loneliness lead to higher risks for a variety of physical and mental conditions: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death.

    Ventana, like many CCRCs, offers seniors companionship through other Members in the community, bonding opportunities through programs and classes, and allows them to participate in pastimes they enjoy. The long-lasting relationships that can be made within the community are sure to bring joy to Members’ lives for more meaningful and fulfilling days.

    1. Access to Exceptional Care

    At Ventana, we know there are tasks that seniors have to take care of on a daily basis that can become challenging as they age. They may have physical limitations, or just need help remembering to take medication that’s necessary for their health. 

    Ventana Health Services offers a full range of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Services, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation care in a convenient residential setting. An array of outpatient services are also available, including physical, occupational and speech therapy available to Ventana Members. Members will select the type of health care they need.

    As a premier CCRC, Ventana provides a well-trained staff to help with daily activities, such as dressing, medication assistance and more. The staff ensures that a Member’s privacy is always protected.

    1. Home-like Environment

    When joining a luxury CCRC like Ventana, the comforts you’re used to in your current home don’t have to be sacrificed. The amenities in this community set a new standard of senior living. You’ll enjoy a five-star experience of high-rise living, with elements such as fine dining, roof garden terrace, heated indoor pool, underground parking, and many, many more. 

    Privacy doesn’t have to be compromised, either. Your home will be your own private space, without all the maintenance that typically comes along with it. No more repairing appliances, no yard work to deal withjust time to spend doing what you love the most, in and out of your home. 

    If cooking is your thing, your fully equipped kitchen will provide more than enough space to do so. But if not, enjoy the exceptional variety within the community, including decadent meals prepared by Chef Stephan Pyles.

    And when you’re ready to explore, you’ll have access to reliable and safe transportation to get to downtown Dallas and neighboring cities.

    1. Investment in the Future

    You may not have health issues or a need for a lot of assistance right now, but a CCRC opens up a multitude of options for the future if your needs should change over time. A Member may join Ventana for some independent living perks, but mainly to enjoy the freedom without having to worry about the time and effort it takes to maintain a home. 

    However, a CCRC allows you more freedom for the rest of your life. In the unfortunate event that you need health care immediately, you’ll be taken care of with Ventana’s unparalleled and comprehensive continuum of care. Through a collaboration with Baylor Scott & White Health, Members will have health service options that go above and beyond the first-class services of the community.

    1. Peace of Mind

    All of these factors work together to give the ultimate peace of mind for Members, friends and family. Seniors don’t have to be worried if something were to happen to them, or concerned about how or when they’ll receive healthcare.

    Family will rest assured that their loved ones are being well-cared for in a setting where they are happy and comfortable. And a supportive community of Members will be there, helping them make the most of each day.

    A move into senior living is a move that benefits you, your health, your wellnessas well as your future. Joining Ventana may fit in with your future plans and allow you to live the happy, fulfilled life that you deserve. To secure your apartment of choice in Dallas’ first luxury high-rise CCRC, call us today or visit our website for more information.

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    What Makes Life Care Communities Different Than Other CCRCs?

    If you or a loved one are researching senior living communities, and gathering information on the types of independent living or assisted living for seniors, you might be wondering: What’s the difference between different types of communities, and which one is right for you?

    In this post, we’ll explore two of the most modern and advanced types of senior living communities, CCRCs and Life Care communities—and we’ll look at the differences between the two.

    We’ll also discuss Ventana by Buckner, a Life Care CCRC for seniors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, to discover what makes Ventana a special place to live.

    What a Life Care community is, and how it differs from a traditional CCRC

    To begin, let’s start with a couple definitions:

    • A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a type of senior living community that provides continuing care (also referred to as a continuum of care, or continuity of care) that provides seniors with living options that cover a range of healthcare needs. Many CCRCs offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, and other healthcare services—so, if the seniors who live at the community need these services at any point during their lives, the services are available right at the community. There are different ways that seniors pay for these health services, and the various financial models available are one of the primary distinguishing factors between CCRCs.
    • A Life Care Continuing Care Retirement Community is a special kind of CCRC with a financial model that covers the costs of all of the potential healthcare needs seniors may have during their time at the community. Life Care communities provide seniors with predictable, cost-controlled healthcare rates, offering peace of mind, exceptional lifelong care, and significant savings compared to the same healthcare services if purchased on the open market. Ventana is a Life Care CCRC.

    An easy way to think about Life Care communities vs. CCRCs is that all Life Care communities are CCRCs, but not all CCRCs are Life Care communities. 

    Life Care communities like Ventana are unique in that they offer seniors the confidence that their healthcare needs will be met—no matter what they are—for the rest of their lives.

    CCRCs keep seniors from having to relocate to other communities, or to hospitals, as they age. This provides a major emotional benefit to seniors and their spouses, knowing that they’ll be able to live in one place, regardless of their health requirements. It also makes for easier and more effective healthcare delivery because it eliminates the need to travel to and from care providers, and other logistical hassles that arise from traditional healthcare models.

    Life Care CCRCs like Ventana take healthcare for seniors to another level, and the difference is found in the way Life Care communities handle healthcare costs.

    The different types of CCRC models

    Life Care communities differ from traditional CCRCs by factoring all healthcare costs into the initial contract and entrance fee that seniors pay when they enter the community, as well as the monthly fees that they pay to live at the CCRC. This “Life Care contract” (or Life Care agreement) covers not only healthcare, but housing, services, and amenities as well. 

    At a Life Care community like Ventana, living costs and healthcare costs stay constant the entire time that Members live in the community—so they never have to worry about whether they’ll be able to afford healthcare if their health needs change. Even if Members exhaust their finances, the Life Care contract still covers housing and healthcare needs, indefinitely.

    The same cannot be said of other types of CCRCs.

    At non-Life Care CCRCs, for starters, the continuum of care offered may be full—meaning it includes independent living, assisted living, memory care, and the full spectrum of care services seniors may need—but it may only be a partial continuum of care. In that case, it’s possible that seniors will need healthcare services which the community can’t provide. It’s also possible that the health services at the CCRC won’t be on-site, even when seniors pay out of pocket; if this is so, they may need to find a way to access off-campus care, which can cause major obstacles.

    Also, non-Life Care CCRCs tend to feature financial models in which monthly fees increase as additional healthcare needs arise. If seniors need assisted living, rehab, or memory care, their monthly fees can escalate dramatically—and they may have to pay market rates for their care. It is common for members of CCRCs with these kinds of financial models to end up paying far more for their healthcare than those at Life Care communities. 

    Ventana, the Life Care CCRC for seniors in Dallas/Fort Worth

    Many Life Care CCRCs offer a superior level of healthcare than other CCRCs and other types of senior living communities—and among Life Care communities, Ventana stands out from the crowd.

    Ventana offers an array of Life Care and wellness programs to community Members, who enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. The full continuum of care at Ventana is second to none—offering financial and emotional security—and it comes with Ventana’s first-class services and amenities.

    If you’re interested in discovering why so many Texas seniors view Ventana as the perfect choice for them and their loved ones, call Ventana at 214-234-1035. Or visit www.ventanabybuckner.com.

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    A Closer Look at the Continuing Care with Ventana

    For seniors living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Ventana by Buckner is the first and only luxury high-rise Life Care community in the area. In addition to providing a five-star senior living experience in a beautiful setting with top-of-the-line amenities and services, Ventana is a true Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). It provides its Members with a comprehensive range of hospitality services and a maintenance-free lifestyle—offering seniors what’s referred to by health professionals as the full “continuum of care.”

    This continuum of care includes any and all healthcare needs that Members may have during their time at Ventana: Assisted Living, Memory Care Services, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation. If Ventana’s Members ever require these services, they have the peace of mind that the highest quality care will be available to them. This puts Members in control of their own well-being.

    To learn more about the benefits of the continuing care offered through Ventana’s Life Care program, read on.

    A Variety of Care Services, No Matter What Life Brings

    As a full-service Continuing Care Retirement Community, Ventana is able to make a profound impact on the health and wellness of the community’s Members. Ventana’s comprehensive approach to healthcare includes keeping Members active and healthy—with amenities and programs such as the fitness center, instructor-led exercise classes, health and wellness lectures, periodic health screenings and an emergency response system. 

    But as a true Life Care community, Ventana goes beyond promoting Members’ general well-being; Ventana cares for its Members through whatever health circumstances they or their loved ones may face.

    To administer this complete continuum of care, Ventana’s campus offers a full range of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care Services, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation—and Members benefit from substantial savings compared to the general public if they require these services.

    Independent Living with Baylor Scott & White Health

    This care begins with Ventana Health Services’ collaboration with Baylor Scott & White Health System, which combines the Ventana experience with the supervision of an experienced medical director and expert staff. The Baylor Scott & White team go above and beyond the first-class care that Ventana Members receive already. This team includes a geriatrician who specializes in palliative care, an enhanced healthcare services program focused on personalized service, a house calls service, and chaplains who oversee Ventana’s comprehensive spiritual care program. 

    Assisted Living at The Arbors

    For Members looking for assistance to experience more in life, The Arbors offers personalized, supportive care administered by licensed nurses and experienced caregivers. This individualized assistance with daily activities is available on a 24-hour basis in one- or two-bedroom suites, furnished to Members’ tastes. 

    Among the amenities and services The Arbors offers are a lifestyle coordinator, a personalized wellness program, medication assistance, therapy services, a full-service beauty salon, transportation, three daily meals and more.

    Memory Enrichment at Garden View

    The Garden View Memory Care Services team is highly trained, and highly devoted to the health and wellness of Ventana’s community Members. The Garden View center is founded on the belief that anyone experiencing memory issues or dementia should be able to live free of stress with independence, autonomy and dignity.

    At Garden View, Ventana Members have access to spacious private residences in a protected setting, staff trained to work with individuals experiencing various forms of dementia and memory loss, 24-hour supervised care in a purpose-designed environment, and more.

    Skilled Nursing at The Glen

    The Glen is Ventana’s Skilled Nursing care center, for those who require specialized, longer-term care. At The Glen, licensed nurses, therapists and specially-trained caregivers deliver round-the-clock assistance, working directly with Members, their families and physicians to develop the right care plan for each and every Member.

    The Glen provides Members with physical, occupational and intravenous therapies; a medical director, director of nursing and other support staff; ophthalmological, dental, psychological, psychiatric, audiological and wound care, and other services in comfortable, private rooms with pleasant views.  

    Rehab at Ascend Rehabilitation

    For those who require short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation care to recover from acute illness, injury or surgery, the Ascend Rehabilitation center has it all. A new, state-of-the-art facility with an expert team, Ascend Rehabilitation helps Ventana Members through every stage of their recovery journeys.

    Ascend Rehabilitation senior rehab solutions include beautiful private rooms with private baths; physical, speech and occupational therapists; top-of-the-line therapeutic and recovery equipment; specialized activities and programs; and more.

    The benefits of a continuum of care

    By providing the services and facilities described above, Ventana gives its Members the peace of mind that they will be exceptionally cared for, no matter what health challenges they face.

    Additionally, Members can be financially secure, knowing that their monthly fees are pre-paying for their future healthcare costs; if they need care in the future, they know there won’t be additional fees or costs they can’t afford. 

    Also, Ventana Members can rest assured that they’ll have all their healthcare needs met on campus, so they won’t need to change communities if they or their spouses require additional care. This means they’ll be able to stay in their home, with their friends and fellow community Members.

    Exceptional care for every level of need

    If you or your loved ones are considering a Life Care community in Dallas, come see everything Ventana by Buckner has to offer. To schedule an information session, call 214-234-1035.

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    A lot of your holiday traditions to date may have been rooted in where you’ve lived. Maybe it was a trip to the same tree farm each year, a drive down a street that had the best holiday light displays, or a visit to your go-to gift shops to find the perfect gifts.

    The holiday season is full of nostalgia for those long-standing traditions and quality time with the special people in your life. However, relocating to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) means you’ll likely be adding some brand new faces and events to your holiday traditions, especially if you’re moving to a CCRC that is in a different community than the one you have lived in before.

    At Ventana, Members are spending their first holiday season with us and get to take full advantage of everything the Dallas metropolitan area has to offer at this time of year. We put together some ways to keep the holidays merry and bright for those spending it under a new roof this year at a senior living community.

    Visit Every Texas-Sized Tree You Can Find

    First, and arguably most importantly, you can let your grandchildren know that Santa does indeed visit Dallas. In fact, he’s all over Dallas, making stops at Northpark, Reunion Tower and Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark for photos with his fans. Find his whole tour schedule here.

    Wintertime in Dallas is magical. With a packed calendar of family-friendly events, your guests can plan their visits around what appeals to them–such as visiting the tree at Dallas City Hall or seeing a number of holiday symphonies, concerts, or live musical performances.

    The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden’s Christmas Village is the perfect trip for when you want to gaze at some beautifully decked-out gazebos with all the trimmings. See for yourself how one of the top botanical gardens in the world celebrates the season.

    To get planning, explore a curated list of other Dallas holiday events here.

    Keep with Traditions that are Easy to Continue

    The floor-to-ceiling window walls at Ventana are just begging for garland and lights to get them twinkling, and your neighbors certainly aren’t going to complain if you fill the air with the smell of fresh-baked Christmas cookies.

    If you are someone who pulls out their holiday decorations the minute you’ve finished the last of your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, by all means bring that holiday spirit to Ventana. Decorate, bake and invite over some friends for some hot cocoa or holiday-themed cocktails in the evening.

    An Extra Special Year for Gift Giving

    If you’re anticipating a move to a CCRC or have already made the transition, chances are you’ve had to, or will soon have to, downsize a lot of your material goods. This can be a really special year for you to pass down belongings or keepsakes to loved ones that have been in your family for many years. A family heirloom, holiday ornaments that have been on your tree for generations, or a tchotchke your grandchild admires when they visit can make a really special and meaningful gift.

    Dallas also has a vibrant community of makers and shops to visit to send a unique gift to your friends or family who may not be able to make the trip to visit this holiday season. Send them a little something special from a shop they have never visited before to show off the rich arts culture in Dallas.

    Host Family at a Vacation Rental Home

    Are you always the holiday headquarters for your family? Don’t feel guilty if you’re not able to accomodate out-of-town family like you used to before moving into a CCRC. Not having spare guest rooms doesn’t mean that you’re restricted from inviting your guests to Dallas this holiday season.

    Explore vacation rental properties through services like AirBnb. You’ll be able to find a home big enough to fit everyone comfortably under one roof, and won’t miss out on getting to show everyone around Dallas. Even better, you won’t have to spend the days leading up to the holiday frantically cleaning in preparation of your house guests!

    Take Advantage of Ventana’s Holiday Events

    A strong culture of friendship and community has already emerged from our Members. That sense of community is what the holiday season is all about. We encourage our members to create new traditions with their loved ones, but also among fellow Members when family can’t be near.

    Our staff is always planning events for holidays that our Members can participate in. We also encourage Members to take advantage of the existing services and amenities offered to them. Enjoy a special holiday meal at one of the on-site dining options or gift yourself a little R&R at Ventana’s Elements Salon and Spa.

    We all have our holiday traditions that we’ve embraced over the years, and we’d love for you to bring those to Ventana while letting us help you create some new ones along the way, too!

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    Hundreds turn out to celebrate the official opening of Dallas’ 1st high-rise Life Care retirement community.

    DALLAS (Nov. 21, 2019) – Today’s ribbon cutting ceremony at Ventana by Buckner® marked the grand opening of Dallas’ first and only luxury high-rise Life Care retirement community. Buckner Senior Living began construction on the $140 million project in June 2017, and the first residents, known as members, were able to begin moving in on August 19, 2019.

    “Already a strong culture of friendship and community has emerged in just a few short months since our first members moved in, and that was on full display today as we had a large turnout of members and their families attend today’s ceremony,” said Chuck Childress, executive director of Ventana by Buckner.

    “The service of our members is the cornerstone of everything we do – it defines who we are and motivates our associates every day. And while this is aesthetically and functionally the most stunning senior living community ever built, it’s the passion, experience and dedication of our leaders and associates that makes Ventana truly elite.”

    In addition to Venatana members and staff, the ceremony was also attended by project representatives from Greenbrier Development, Ziegler Capital Finance, Whiting-Turner Construction, Interior Design Associates, The Belaire Group, Levlane Advertising, and Ventana’s design team from Dallas-based D2 Architecture.

    Guests of honor also included representatives from Ventana’s collaborations with the top brands in Dallas for cuisine, healthcare and fitness. Chef Stephan Pyles, who is consulting on Ventana’s dining experience, was in attendance, as was Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of Cooper Aerobics, which oversees Ventana’s health and wellness facilities and programming. A third collaboration is with Baylor Scott & White Health, which provides medical and spiritual care services.

    “Ventana’s unique collaborations with Dallas’ top brands, along with the synergy we’ve developed between each brand helps provide a complete level of elite care for senior adults,” said Charlie Wilson, senior vice president of Buckner Retirement Services. “This vision and execution thrusts Dallas to the forefront of the industry while helping to innovate a new senior living trend.”

    Following the ceremony and ribbon cutting, guests were treated to tours of the community and hors d’oeuvres from Ventana’s Chef Pyles-designed restaurants.

    Ventana by Buckner features adjacent 12-story towers which house 189 independent living residences ranging from 950 to 2,000 square feet. Also included within Ventana’s vertical living community are 38 assisted living residences, 48 nursing apartments and 26 memory care residences. The community includes the full continuum of care for senior adults with assisted living, nursing care, memory care and a rehabilitation component.

    The convenience of vertical living means Ventana members are seldom more than a few steps from its numerous amenities, which include valet and underground parking, multiple dining venues and lounges, spacious common areas, modern wellness and fitness centers, heated indoor pool, salon and spa, movie theater, rooftop garden, multiple patios, and more.

    Ventana by Buckner is located at 8301 N. Central Expressway. For more information about Ventana by Buckner, visit VentanaByBuckner.com.


    About Buckner Retirement Services:

    Buckner Retirement Services, Inc. is one of the largest not-for-profit senior living organizations in Texas dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for senior adults and their families by promoting an active, healthy Christian lifestyle while maintaining their independence and dignity. Buckner Retirement Services is part of Buckner International, a global faith-based ministry serving more than 350,000 people each year in Texas and six countries worldwide. Learn more about Buckner Retirement Services at BucknerRetirement.org.

    Information Contact:

    Christopher Ruth
    Director of Media Relations
    Buckner International
    630-536-9139 (cell)

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    Choosing an assisted living community can feel overwhelming, and understandably so. It’s a big life decision, and you want to get it right.

    In order to do that, the best thing to do is focus on finding a residence that will keep you or your loved one happy, well cared for and supported in all the ways that meet your requirements. 

    In this article, we’ll explore six of the primary factors that will help you determine which assisted living residence is right for you. First, though, let’s look at what assisted living is, and the value it provides.

    What is Assisted Living?

    In general, the purpose of assisted living residences is to provide seniors—if they are unable to live independently—with the aid they need to complete daily tasks like dressing and bathing. An assisted living community is different from a nursing home, because the individuals in nursing homes require round-the-clock healthcare. 

    Assisted living is, in short, what its name describes: a living arrangement where seniors get the help they need to live comfortably.

    6 Key Factors to Help You Choose the Right Assisted Living Community

    1. Where is the community located?

    Many seniors want to live close to their families and friends, so it’s convenient for them to visit. Beyond that, great assisted living communities are part of thriving local areas, so there are plenty of options nearby for cuisine, excursions and socializing; seniors in assisted living may need some help, but many are still able and eager to engage with their surrounding communities.

    Additionally, the state laws regarding assisted living health care delivery may differ depending on the community’s location, so it’s worth understanding what assisted living care looks like in your state.

    2. How big is the assisted living community, and how large is the staff?

    You don’t necessarily need a larger assisted living community. What matters is the size of the community’s staff, the staff’s qualifications and the amenities and services available in the community.

    Staff-to-resident ratio is a good statistic to monitor, because the more staff that a community has compared to its number of residents, the more likely it is that the residents are receiving exceptional care and assistance.

    Larger communities are also more likely to provide top-class amenities and services. This is especially true for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), because these communities offer a full continuum of care that extends beyond assisted living. That means that CCRCs operate almost as entire neighborhoods for seniors, with everything they need to live comfortably, no matter their health needs.

    3. What services does the community offer?

    What would your ideal assisted living community look like? What services would it offer?

    During your search for the right community, you should consider the dining options, housekeeping and home maintenance services, wellness programs (including rehab, fitness and nutrition programs) and local transportation. 

    The right communities offer peace of mind, stability and comfort—overall, an enhanced quality of life. 

    Again, CCRCs have an advantage in this area, because CCRCs are specifically designed to deliver the kinds of care, amenities and services which truly make a difference.

    4. How does the community help seniors as their health needs change?

    The best assisted living communities make it easy for seniors to transition smoothly to other types of living arrangements.

    When you research assisted living communities in your area, you should consider:

    • How will the community help you adjust from independent living to assisted care?
    • If you or your loved one’s health needs intensify, how does the community help you transition to higher levels of care?
    • What healthcare providers and treatments are available on-site?

    Continuing Care Retirement Communities have an ideal arrangement for handling these types of transitions, because of the full continuum of care that CCRCs offer. Especially in terms of Life Care CCRCs like Ventana by Buckner, CCRCs enable seniors to move from independent living to other forms of health care—such as assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and complete nursing care—all on one campus, with a flourishing community.

    5. What does the assisted living arrangement cost, and what payment options are available?

    There are many different models for care at assisted living communities, with different payment options as well. The main things to identify are what you can afford financially, what type of payment model best suits you and what type of value you’ll receive by investing in a given community.

    In the case of CCRCs, it’s important to understand that the costs don’t only include assisted living care—they include lifelong healthcare (even if your needs change), amenities, services, transportation, activities and more. In the case of Life Care CCRCs like Ventana, Members pay controlled, predictable entrance and monthly fees—which means they never face unanticipated healthcare costs.

    6. What is life like for seniors within the community?

    This factor helps differentiate the best assisted living communities. Does the community meet your personal needs? Will you receive the care, support and assistance you need to enjoy a high quality of life? 

    When you explore and visit a community, you want to know whether those living there are happy, content and well cared for. You want to know if they have easy access to social gatherings and activities, and that the community fosters strong bonds and friendships among the people who live there. You want to feel confident that the community is the right fit for you.

    Assisted Living at Ventana 

    At Ventana, Members from across Texas receive exceptional care and live an engaged, socially active lifestyle. This Life Care CCRC prides itself on its health services—and Ventana’s Assisted Living at the Arbors is one of the pillars of the community’s healthcare delivery.

    At the Arbors, licensed nurses and experienced caregivers provide the assistance Members need, with individualized assistance and daily activities on a 24-hour basis. 

    To learn more about the Arbors and premiere senior living in Dallas/Fort Worth, call Ventana at 214-953-7583. 

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    Senior adults requiring help with the activities of daily living or memory care may now reside at Dallas’ 1st high-rise Life Care retirement community.

    DALLAS (Jan. 16, 2020) – Assisted Living and Memory Care residences within Ventana by Buckner® are now open after being licensed by the state of Texas. Senior adults requiring more personalized, supportive care for their physical needs will find it living in The Arbors, while those experiencing memory issues, dementia or Alzheimer’s may now reside in Garden View.

    “Although our Members began moving into Ventana’s amazing residences last year, it is the opening of Assisted Living and Memory Care which demonstrates the versatility of Ventana to serve seniors with exceptional levels of care regardless of their needs,” said Chuck Childress, executive director of Ventana by Buckner.

    The Arbors, Ventana’s Assisted Living, offers individualized assistance with daily activities for Members residing in private and comfortable one- and two-bedroom assisted living apartments. Licensed practical nurses and experienced caregivers provide 24-hour care, as well as medication assistance, emergency response aid, wellness programs and more.

    Memory Care at Ventana is a special kind of care for varying degrees of dementia or Alzheimer’s symptoms. It involves creating a structured environment that has set schedules and routines in place to create a stress-free lifestyle, safety features to ensure the health of Members residing in Garden View’s private rooms and spacious common areas. Members will also have access to programs designed to cultivate and maintain cognitive skills.

    Paula Woodbury recently helped her father, Maxey Abernathy move into Garden View, while her mother, Carole Jean, resides in an independent living apartment. “Memory Care at Ventana is remarkable,” said Woodbury. “The facilities, services and amenities are beyond anything we’ve seen, but it is the staff that truly sets Ventana apart. They take care of my father like he is their own family. They treat him with dignity and keep him engaged in a myriad of stimulating activities. Placing your loved one in Memory Care is not easy, but knowing he is loved and safe at Ventana made that decision easier.”

    In addition to having the ability to move directly into residences in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care based on need, Members also have the option to move between the areas of care as their needs change. “By making the smart choice to buy into Life Care, Ventana Members have access to private accommodations in Assisted Living and Memory at predictable rates over the course of their lifetime,” said Childress.

    Ventana is Dallas’ first and only luxury high-rise Life Care retirement community. Life Care continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), also referred to as a Type A contract CCRC, are the most comprehensive of all contracts. The Life Care benefit covers the cost of independent living, while also providing the assurance of higher levels of care, such as assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing.

    Ventana features adjacent 12-story towers which house 189 independent living residences ranging from 950 to 2,000 square feet. Also included within Ventana’s vertical living community are 38 assisted living residences, 48 nursing apartments, 26 memory care residences and 24 rehab suites. The community includes the full continuum of care for senior adults with assisted living, nursing care, memory care and a rehabilitation component.

    The convenience of vertical living means Ventana members are seldom more than a few steps from its numerous amenities, which include valet and underground parking, multiple dining venues and lounges, spacious common areas, modern wellness and fitness centers, heated indoor pool, salon and spa, movie theater, rooftop garden terrace, multiple patios, and more.

    Ventana by Buckner is located at 8301 N. Central Expressway. For more information about Ventana by Buckner, visit VentanaByBuckner.com.


    About Buckner Retirement Services:

    Buckner Retirement Services, Inc. is one of the largest not-for-profit senior living organizations in Texas dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for senior adults and their families by promoting an active, healthy Christian lifestyle while maintaining their independence and dignity. Buckner Retirement Services is part of Buckner International, a global faith-based ministry serving more than 350,000 people each year in Texas and six countries worldwide. Learn more about Buckner Retirement Services at BucknerRetirement.org.

    Information Contact:

    Christopher Ruth
    Director of Media Relations
    Buckner International
    630-536-9139 (cell)

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  • 01/21/20--01:00: 5 Misconceptions About CCRCs
  • Making a retirement move is a major life decision, worthy of thorough consideration. Change is never easy, especially when it includes significant life adjustments; however, that doesn’t mean that choosing to move to a senior living community should be scary, or isn’t worthwhile. In fact, moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) such as Ventana can be one of the very best retirement decisions you make.

    When considering moving to a CCRC, there are several common misconceptions worth addressing—so you understand the actual facts about CCRCs, and can make a well-informed choice for your future. 

    Below are five of the most common misconceptions about CCRCs.

    Misconception 1: CCRCs are Too Expensive

    Moving to a CCRC is an investment, but the associated costs come with many financial benefits which, over the long run, can pay for themselves and even save you money. Some of the financial benefits of life at a CCRC include:

    • Large tax deductions
    • No extra costs for home maintenance or repairs
    • No hidden healthcare costs, no matter what happens down the road

    Thanks to the long-term contracts at CCRCs, such as the life care contracts at Ventana, you get the value of predictable, consistent expenses. This makes budgeting simple, and it protects you from the type of unexpected, devastating costs of unforeseen home maintenance and health issues that can arise if you choose to stay in your current home.

    Without the assurance of a long-term or life care contract, you’d have to pay these types of expenses out of pocket. By investing in a CCRC, you get to enjoy peace of mind, stability and security as you age. That is priceless.

    Additionally, the costs of CCRCs include many first-class amenities and services. These include transportation, maintenance, security, wellness and personal care.

    Misconception 2: CCRCs are Nursing Homes

    This misconception calls to mind the axiom that “all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.” In the case of senior living communities, all CCRCs possess the core elements of nursing homes, and deliver the full continuum of care that nursing homes can offer—but not all nursing homes possess the full range of options available at CCRCs. (Not even close.)

    It may be true that you’re too young to move to a nursing home. Conversely, it’s almost never too early to move to a CCRC, because CCRCs like Ventana are flourishing communities which empower seniors to be active, healthy and socially engaged. 

    At a CCRC, you get all the skilled nursing benefits of nursing homes if and when you need them, but moving to a CCRC long before you ever require the community’s care services gives you the opportunity to take advantage of all that the community has to offer: abundant opportunities for lifelong learning, engaging activities, new friendships, exercise and wellness programs and more.

    Misconception 3: People at CCRCs Sit Around Doing Nothing

    This one couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s understandable that many seniors wonder, “What’s next?” and “What’s left for me to do?” when they think about moving to a retirement community—or just the idea of retiring in general—the reality of life at a CCRC quickly erases doubts about finding fulfillment in retirement.

    Living at a CCRC like Ventana offers an abundance of possibilities to fill your days with activity—to learn new things, meet new people and explore new pastimes in ways you’ve never had the chance or time to pursue. 

    Maybe it’s taking up painting, becoming an avid swimmer, gardening, learning a new language, or playing chess. Maybe it’s joining a book club, taking fitness classes, or going on cultural excursions in the surrounding area. Whatever you like to do, CCRCs give you the ability to live the way you want. 

    Far from sitting around doing nothing, many seniors at CCRCs lead such full lives, they never stop moving!

    Misconception 4: I’ll Be More Comfortable Aging at Home

    Many seniors fall into the trap of believing that, just because they’ll stay in their longtime homes, they’ll be better off. 

    In reality, those who spend their later years at home often face unanticipated troubles, such as bodily injuries, unforeseen home maintenance problems or break-ins and debilitating illnesses. When these issues arise, seniors living at home become reliant on their families—who may not have the time or resources in their own busy lives to provide adequate care and support.

    Continuing Care Retirement Communities prevent these types of hassles because CCRCs are designed with safety and available care in mind. Communities like Ventana give seniors peace of mind with emergency services, on-site maintenance and wellness staff, advanced medical treatments and the full continuum of care referenced above.

    Compared to aging in place at home, CCRCs provide more freedom, more convenience, better care and less worry—not to mention that CCRCs give your family and loved ones the reassurance that you’ll be well provided for throughout your retirement years.

    Misconception 5: My Current Home Will Be Best for Staying Social and Connected to Friends

    Building off the previous point, many seniors also think that aging in place will allow them to retain their social lives better than they could at a senior living community. In fact, the opposite is true, as staying at home actually leads to more isolation and loneliness among seniors.

    At CCRCs, seniors have countless opportunities to develop new relationships and be surrounded each day by like-minded individuals. At Ventana and other CCRCs like it, Members enjoy a deep sense of community and social engagement. Without making the move to a CCRC, it would be difficult to encounter anything comparable at home.

    What Life at CCRC is Really About

    Ventana provides seniors in Texas with a tremendous quality of life. If you or your loved one is interested in learning more about the Ventana lifestyle, call Ventana today at 214-234-1035.

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